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Taking the first step into a new club/sport is always a daunting prospect. We hope to reassure you with as much information as possible but if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


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Beginners lessons times and location

All beginners classes are on Monday nights (except Bank holidays) at the Francis Baily Primary School.


Beginners Lessons  
Children's lessons (age 6 and above) 7:00 - 8:00
Adult lessons (age 14 & above) 8:00 - 9:00


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All prices are subject to change but this should provide a guide to the current cost associated with the club.

First lesson is free! Subsequent lessons are charged on an attendance basis :


Children (up to age 16) & Students £4.00
Adults £5.00



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About the first lesson


Before your first training session you will be asked to fill out an enrolment form which contains information such as emergency contact information and any relevant medical information or training needs (example here).


For your early lessons we recommend baggy clothing such as t-shirt and jogging bottoms. You will be expected to remove jewellery such as watches & earrings etc..


As a beginner you will be training with other beginners and some higher grades but will be guided throughout the lessons by the instructor and typically other members of the club (who were all beginners once).


An overview of syllabus for White belt to Yellow belt syllabus is located here.


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Required documents/records


Shortly after starting karate you will be expected to obtain the following association documents:


Attendance book This book records your attendance to SKW clubs and entitles the holder to train at any SKW club. Juniors & Cadets: £3.50. Adults : £5.00
Grading licence This book entitles the holder to Grade (and obtain the next colour belt) within England Wado Kai (EWK). As part of the membership to the EWK the owner is also covered by a basic insurance cover. Juniors: £10. Adults : £20.



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Karate suit (GI's) information

If you wish to purchase a karate suit they are available from the club at prices typically cheaper than high street sports shops (i.e. Junior Suit £12.50).


As a rough size guide please see the table below:


Size Height cm   Age Guide
0000 100 3' 5" And Under Aged 3-4
000 110 3' 6" to 3' 7" Aged 4-5
00 120 3' 8" to 4' 0" Aged 5-6
0 130 4' 1" to 4' 4" Aged 6-7
1 140 4' 5" to 4' 8" Aged 7-8
2 150 4' 9" to 5' 0" Aged 9-10
3 160 5' 1" to 5' 4" Aged 11-12
4 170 5' 5" to 5' 9" Teen / Adult
5 180 5' 10" to 6' 0" Adult
6 190 6' 1" to 6' 3" Adult
7 200 6' 4" to 6' 7" Adult
8 210 6' 8" and over Adult



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How to tie a belt


1) Find the middle of the belt and place against your waist and around the back

2) Bring the ends to the front and cross the ends right over left

3) Tuck the right end under BOTH strands (between the Gi and Belt) and pull tight.

4,5) Complete the knot tying left over right.

6) Pull tight and allow ends to hang symmetrically



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Grading information

As a beginner, once you have obtained the required standard to grade, you may grade for the first colour belt (Yellow) within the club or at an association grading. Dependant on what you choose, the costs may vary, but typically for a 1 hour lesson and grading expect to pay less than £10.

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Fitness levels

As with all sports, it's recommended that you consult you GP first if you have any concerns about your current level of fitness/health.

Because the karate syllabus is constructed so that the most physically demanding techniques are introduced in a phased manner, your fitness will build gradually as you progress through the belt system. So as a rule you do not need to be physically fit to start karate.

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Child safety

All of the senior instructors with the Thatcham club are disclosure registered with the Criminal Records Board (CRB) and their certificates can be inspected at any time.

The children are always accompanied by an adult instructor. Please also see the club's child protection policy. We do ask that parents accompany the children into the hall, and also collect the children from the hall after their lesson.

All parents are welcome to stay in the hall and watch any lesson (but mobiles phones should be on silent please).



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