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The SKW was conceived in the winter of 1982 as Wado Karate regionalised itself in England. The founder of the SKW, Barry Wilkinson, has an impressive pedigree, being taught Wado karate by leading exponents of the style and achieving Sandan (3rd dan) by grading. Yondan (4th dan) was awarded by the EKA in Autumn 1981, Godan (5th dan) followed in October 1987 was awarded by the BKW (the national body for Wado-Kai Karate in the UK), and Rokudan (6th dan) came in September 1997 this time from the EKGB (English Karate Governing Body). Barry received  Nanadan (7th dan) from Chris Thompson (Chairman of the EKGB Technical committee) in June 2002. 


The Association began with ten founder clubs and six black belts and is now proud of its 71 black belts, fifty thriving clubs and over 1000 members covering the South of England from Cornwall to Kent and the South coast to London.

The UKKF (United Kingdom Karate Foundation) was the original founding karate organisation in the UK and led to the formation of the BKW (British Karate Wado-Kai). The SKW was a founder member of the organisation as well as SKW International. In 1994 the SKW rejoined the World Wado-Kai (The International Wado-Kai Karate organisation).

The Senior SKW instructors are: 


Sensei Barry Wilkinson -  Nanadan (7th dan)
Sensei Brian Hayes -  Godan (5th dan)
Sensei Andrew Dare -  Godan (5th dan)
Sensei Terry Armsworth -  Godan (5th dan)
Sensei Richard Thomas -  Yondan (4th dan)
Sensei Trevor McCabe -  Yondan (4th dan)


In addition there are:

Five Sandans (3rd dan)
Eight Nidans (2nd dan)
and over forty Shodans (1st dan)

all actively supporting and promoting the SKW.

For more information about the SKW please visit http:://www.skw.org.uk





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